• Steve Senatori

    Steve Senatori

    Resiliency engineer, writer, philosopher, union man, seeker of Truth…

  • Jay Cornell

    Jay Cornell

    Content Strategist: RolloutSF.com. Co-author: Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity. Ex-Managing Ed.: h+ magazine.

  • Mateus Cabral

    Mateus Cabral

  • Timothy Thomas

    Timothy Thomas

    Executive Coach | Leadership, Communication & Career Coach | SEO Specialist | Coaching Technology Professionals for Connection and Impact in SF and Seattle

  • cynthia hardy

    cynthia hardy

  • Marcelo Bammer

    Marcelo Bammer

    Rugby fan, sports and outdoor enthusiast. World citizen, but South African and Capetonian at heart

  • Ken Voigt

    Ken Voigt

  • Kenneth Jimenez

    Kenneth Jimenez

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